Good buy Miss Polka Dot vest…

It was love at first sight when I saw this red and white polkadot knitted pullover vest at the goodwill. I was really only there to accompany my friend who sells on eBay. After an hour of looking around I saw this vest 😍 I knew I had to have it! it was adorable red with white polkadots – I LOVE POLKADOTS!! I would so wear it especially in the later months but it wasn’t not my size πŸ‘Ž I didn’t care I had to get it it and this vest had to come home with me — and that’s when the thought washed over me! Buy what you love here! no matter size or name brand or no name… if it’s cute then offer it up! Somebody out there has got to have the same Love for it !! That’s why I find these lovely adorable second hand finds and showcase them to those out there looking for possibly that same look and style. So that’s when I decided to go out and have a blast shopping for clothes and accessories thatΒ I would love to have – and show them online to the world 🌎

That’s when I came up with the phrase “what would Audrey wear?” πŸ‘ˆ

And this vest was one of the main items that sparked my inspiration – glad to see it go and get worn πŸ‘


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