All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

This sounds awesome 👏

AP Young Blog

So if you have been following my blog a bit, then you might be familiar with the ATFB Mixer. If you’re unfamiliar, well then that’s perfectly fine too, because you can read all about it right here in this this AWESOME write-up.

Ms. Mo McKenzie does it once again ya’ll! She managed to get the cream of the crop in all things fashion and beauty (see what I did there?) into one swanky little spot to bestow priceless gems of information on how to be successful in your industry. Who is Mo McKenzie?

alecia10086 - Copy

If you don’t know, she is a self-made style guru who styles all types of people. While she is out here sharing her talents and gifts with us regular gals; her resume also consists of notable celebrity clients. Mo’s personal style is unique, funky, with all sorts of fly wrapped all into one little petite package…

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