Sorry for the Silence..

I haven’t been on here in weeks! But rest assured I have not given up on my love of finding cute clothes to make available.  I’ve been hitting the Goodwill/ a few estate sales / yard sales and have gotten some cute donations from friends!  My wonderful cousin came down to model my XS-S sizes.  which was a great help! 2 of the pairs of pants she modeled sold!

I have collected many polkadot dresses, and tops! I’m still not done.

I must say this has been and is continuing to be a learning experience.  I found that estate prices suck!! if I’m going to resale an item.  $8 for a “non high fashion” brand is a little steep to turn around and sell it–and add in my time with shipping costs– I’d have to charge higher than $20.  Most if not all of my items are below $20.  I’ve had to turn my back on many cute items (red polka dot…) because I’d have to resale it for more.  It is with that fact that I am going to stay away from the estate sales otherwise my heart will end up broken and crushed to have to leave behind such cute adorable clothes! But I did escape with a few great finds from 2 estate sales in the Riverside, CA area… (photos below)

I found some great finds at the goodwill…

polka dot dresses.. on Saturday.

I had gone into the goodwill the previous Saturday and found 4 polkadot dresses I just had to have, BUTTTTT… it wasn’t marked with the featured color half off tag of the week. DAMNIT.  I seriously hate walking away from cute clothes. I feel that they have to be with me… haha.. so anyway the following Saturday I went back and found that “my color” or the color mark of the polkadot dresses were the chosen color of the week! I only found 2 of the polka dot dresses I had wanted last week, but I also found 2 really cute simple black dresses.  one was a COTTON ON high low dress.  and a short black sleeveless dress with lace sectioned areas in the sleeves.  This cute black and white polka dot dress by Spencer Jeremy.

(…this H&M Dress sold just a few hours ago!)

Here have been some of my yardsale finds.. best deals of ALL!

Note the adorable and unique orange knit top by Anthropolgie.



Blue and white polka dot blouse is available on ebay

… and check out the dresses I still have available on my eBay page!


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