Hello Everyone! My name is Audrey. My earliest memories I have of ‘fashion’ was me as a 3 year old complaining to my mom that i wanted my dresses to “show my knees”โ€“have the puffiest sleeves I could get and a ponytail the size of Rainbow Brite’s. Not too much to ask right? My grandmother had sewn all her life and I had been able to tell her what I wanted my dresses to look like from a young age. I remember her making my halloween costumes as well- not being satisfied with the cheap plastic snow white costume my dad tried to buy me at TG&Y’s (the CVS of 30 years ago) I went to grandma and she made me look like the real deal. An envy to all my fellow kindergarten girls that year. Im so thankful i got to have had that experience in my life before she passed away. Having handmade sewn clothes as a small child was always a treat. My absolute favorite was dress she made for me when i was 3. A white dress with a circle skirt with tiny velvet black polka dots! with puffy sleeves ๐Ÿ™‚ Grandma made me feel like a princess. As I type these memories out I realize she had a major part in introducing me to a love of expression through the clothes we wear. Thank you Grandma.. this blog is dedicated to you! I am a female / 30-something year old from southern California / graphic designer / artist. I love to sketch and draw everyday as a way of expression. I love to draw the clothes I imagine myself designing someday ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always up for finding unique- youthful and vintage inspired (60s โ€“ 90s) clothes! All the items I list are things I totally want to wear but are not my size. So rather than pass up an adorable item I’d love to have for myself, Iโ€™d rather make it available to those out there who share my taste in clothes and can wear them โ€œfor meโ€ in a sense and enjoy them the way I would. I enjoy polka-dots and the color red and a combination of both is even better I say! Thanks a lot for reading and getting to know me ๐Ÿ™‚ follow my blog to find out what i got today.. it may even be that piece you’ve been looking for.