This fall appropriate corduroy long sleeve shirt is making its way to Wisconsin- hope it keeps them warm. Love the color and buttons especially! 🍃 🍁🍂

Monday… Inspiration.



With the Fall season setting in and October being around the corner I can’t help but dream about the goals I’d have for this cute vintage black sleeveless (90s) dress.  Pull out the black chokers and doc martins!  I’d wear it to a concert, have it be my witch costume.  I’d pair it with jackets and tights just the way I wanted to in Jr. High and High school.  this style of dress is absolutely timeless!  The lace up style in the back says goth to me.. I love the long skinny silky ribbon that hangs down.

My neighbor across the street was selling her clothes, she’s in her late 50s and is a major betsy Johnson fan who is suffering from cancer 😦 So she had this portable chemo bag she carried around made from a betsy Johnson purse and had added her own strap with studs.. it was adorable and creative!  She even got the chance to meet Betsy and she was kind enough to sign her chemo purse! 🙂 I have a new respect for Betsy Johnson after hearing this.  anyway my neighbor has been my neighbor for about 23 years now, she’s in her late 50s and is as spunky as ever! she was selling some of her clothes and I enjoyed looking at all of them.  I picked this piece because I could just imagine her wearing this to a rock concert in the 90s! she’s petite and short so the sizes reflect that but she’s kept good care of her timeless clothes and I had the privilege of picking up a few.

This is listed on my Etsy page for $12.00 + shipping!  Just perfect for the season and comes from a good inspirational person 🙂