This outfit goes together…


Leather.. Black studs.. black 4inch spike heels.. and an Ivor “wear to church” short-sleeved cardigan?

YEssss.. mix and match all you want.  if your an elementary school teacher class it up by throwing this cream color with adorable details down the front short-sleeved cardigan over the mossimo studded black tank dress-shirt. Leather jeans are timeless and will go with just about anything.  ANYTHING!   I personally wear flats. but hey if your feet are up to the hard task of spike heels I say add them!  find the first 3 items on my VINTED page, and the adorable cream short-sleeved cardigan on my EBAY page! ask me anything most items are negotiable! 🙂

CONSIDER THIS:  a red beaded necklace.. also with gold chunky earrings!!